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Smoking Saturday

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It's been a couple weeks so I decided to smoke something. Today's menu included store bought sausage, ribs, wings, and pork nuggets (pork burnt ends). Used mainly oak wood with a little hickory and pecan mixed in halfway through the smoke.
Everything doesn't always go as planned with a new smoker...
Sausage was a complete fail lol. Still trying to learn the hot and cool spots and the actual Temps vs the mounted thermometer temps.
But all was not lost...

BB Ribs turned out awesome!

Wings were great!

And pork nuggets were the fan favorite.
Thanks for looking and let me know what u think or any suggestions.

Some background info: I am using a custom made offset vertical stick burner with oak hickory and pecan splits. I was aiming at 225-250 but who knows since the mounted therm said 195 one maverick said 225 and other (2nd rack) said 285. Everything was seasoned with commercial rubs and sauces. Trying to get a grip on temp control b4 experimenting with homemade rubs and sauces... hope u enjoy!
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Looks great what a great selection! I'd suggest a perforated grilling pan for the burnt ends. I was in Tennessee for vacation last year we should have stopped by your place for cue instead of some of the joints around Gatlinburg I had some burnt ends that looked like dog food and will not comment on the taste.
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Thand b-one! Yeah if u are coming to TN for BBQ Memphis is where it's at! But I do my best to try to come close haha! As for the perforated pan idea, I put the sauce in the pan and toss the pork in it. Wouldn't the holes just let the sauce drip out and dry the meat out? Just curious not being trying to be argumentative...
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I only lightly sauce, they crisp up better not sitting in the fat and sauce in my opinion. There fairly inexpensive give one a try sometime. We looked at driving to Mephis but IIRC it was a six hour trip one way then add on a hotel it would have made an expensive meal!
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Gotcha I'll have to try it out. And yeah I went to college and lived in Memphis for a while. Definitely best bbq in TN! Just my opinion no offense to all the other TN residents on this site. I live in Nashville now so it's only about 3 hrs for me to go visit. My brother lives in Knoxville and in all the times visiting haven't found a good bbq joint there yet. But if u like steak and go back that way check ye old steakhouse. I thought it was pretty dang good!
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