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First attempt at ribs.

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I finally took the leap and tried out some ribs. I bought a pack of pre dry rubbed from the store and it turned out delicious!

I started off with the intention of smoking them start to finish but couldn't seem to get my new OSFB above 180°. I ended up smoking them for an hour with hickory at the 175° - 180° range before wrapping them in foil and putting them in the oven @ 250° for 2.5 hrs. I then pulled them from the oven and put them back in the smoker with a heavy smoke for about hour.

I then brushed them with Sweet Baby Rays and tossed another hand full of hickory chips into the box and let them smoke for another 30 mins before pulling them.

The end result was a perfect tender pull off the bone rib with a balanced smooth smokey flavor.

Ended up with a decent smoke ring too!
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Woo hoo!!!


Good job!
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Those look amazing!! You certainly hit it out of the park on your first time up. Points for not freaking out and for improvising a solution when the smoker didn't cooperate. Good job!!
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Tasty looking ribs,way to goM
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SO, nice looking ribs !

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Thanks everyone! It sure boosted my confidence on trying new cuts of meat! The wife definitely wants me to make them again. I'll be sure to do 2 racks next time after some mods to help keep the heat up in the cooking chamber. May even try my own rub!
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Start throwing on some of that Apple wood you mentioned in your other thread and your temps will be much higher, you'll have to work to keep them down.

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