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Hey guys - is there a go to buffalo chicken recipe somewhere?  I want to go that a shot next.  You guys were right.  Sausage making is an addiction haha.

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we make 25 pounds at a time , the 1st sausage we ever made , we used the stuffing attachment that came with our meat grinder .NEVER do that with more than 3-5 pounds of meat !!

its simply waaaay to much work and takes forever to do , on the batch that you see in these photos we used the right stuffer and the whole process ( except smoking ) only took about an hour


using the right stuffer you can easily stuff a  pound a minute or more

 in a couple of weeks we are planning on making 50 pounds of smoked sausage , we go thru a lot because we give a lot to friends and neighbors

and also because once we got the right tools we now enjoy making it  

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