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WSM therm port mod

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A while back I ordered up the silicon therm ports that the new wsms come with to add to my Mini-WSM's and the 18.5. Since I need to use the 18.5 for tomorrow's smoke I finally decided I better put the thing in. So I got out the Makita drill, a 1/8" pilot bit Nd my 1 1/4" hole saw. My intention was to install one below the upper rack and one above the lower rack. Unfortunately I could only find one of the gaskets. So the other will have to wait. Glad I looked for the gaskets prior to drilling the holes! Not t much to look at but here's a few photos anyways.

There she is all ready for ribs, chicken, and Dutch's wicked beans.
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For those interested in making the mod on an older WSM, here is a thread that has the part number and ordering info.

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