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Deflector plate

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Ok I am new to the forum and smoking in general.  Got an Oklahoma Joe highlander and just bought a tuning plate from and was wondering if I need to season this as well.  If I should I do it, just spray some PAM on it and ramp up the heat.  I have done several racks of ribs, but none with the plate in yet.  Remember I am a


another question...I have started to seal this thing up, did the firebox with high temp RTV, bit can't decide on the I use flat rope around the edges or just use some RTV on the lids with saran wrap  to form a gasket.  Seems to me that using flat rope as a gasket changes the shape of the lid curve and would cause more leaks not less.  Have no experience with this need a little help.  Thanks

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Really...there is no answer to this...NOBODY has had this problem, I am the first and nobody has any idea how to fix this...hmmm,, how about a good guess...somebody give me something

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I bought the Longhorn about a month ago and bought the sealer kit from BBQ mods , killed me to have my new smoker sitting in the garage for a week waiting for it to show up. Turns out I should have done a practice run to see where the smoke was leaking because I only needed the gasket on the sides. Built my own heat deflector with steel from the hardware store. The deflector keeps my temps within about 15 degrees from front to back before I put it in it was about 50 degrees .

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I used the flat 1/8" gasket material made for the Green egg to seal the lids on my stick burner and it has worked out well. After applying the gasket material I hung a couple of weights on the door handles and this help form the gasket. 


As for seasoning the tuning plates, you could spray it with PAM and let it heat up for about and hour before you add the meat on your next smoke.


Hope this helps.



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You can season the tuning plate. Your plan to spray it with Pam is good. Is the plTe sloped when installed so grease will run off? If not you may want to cover it with foil when cook in to make clean up easier.
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