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Seam on my WSM

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Good Afternoon,


Just got my WSM smoker last week and smoked a Pork Shoulder and Chicken on it over Fathers Day Weekend.  Everything went well but when I pulled the meat off, I left the lid off and apparently it got extremely hot.  The Silicone Grommet melted on me.  I believe this was already there but I wanted to check with the forum since I could not find this on any pictures I looked at.  I noticed a seam on the center part of my WSM, pictured below.  It still fits on the bottom fine but I dont remember seeing this when I put it together.  Is this normal on all of the WSM smokers??  Thanks for your help!



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Hmmmm.... don't recall seeing the seam on mine ever, but never really looked for it either. Obviously there has to be one where they weld the tube section closed, but never noticed it on mine. As long as it's still round and enamel isn't cracked or anything I would think you are fine.... buy you can always call Weber and talk to them, they have great customer service.

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Thanks for the reply.  It does look like it is just the seam where the metal was connected and I do not see any damage to the enamel.  I was just hoping someone could confirm that.  I would just run to a store and look at the display model but I couldn't find a place locally that has them.  I bought my online.

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I haven't noticed it on mine either but haven't looked either
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Hmmm i never noticed on mine as well... im going to look when i get home.

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I just checked mine and it's the weld seam.

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mine has a seam too, it was manufactured in 2015... there's a little dip on the rim, and if you follow that dip down you will notice there is a seam


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Thanks for the picture! That's exactly like mine. I'm really surprised I missed that when putting it together.
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