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So, I like this idea of posting recipes and progress of a smoke, primarily for the benefit of new smokers.  There is plenty of information here on the site, but it is always intersting getting the different point of views.  I also embedded links to everything I used.  


For this smoke I did this.  


Used a Masterbuilt Vertical Propane Smoker, w/ AMNTS 12" and the needle valve mod


Seasoned the smoker a few days before.  


Purchased a pork butt from King Soopers @ 6.6 lbs for $1.88/lb


Froze the pork because I wasn't going to make the best by date.  


Defrosted, then put the rub on the pork the night before; left in refridge for the night. 

I used a recipe from I liked it because it included the chili powder.  (I substituted a medium high heat).  All spices were purchased from (My wife and I have them locally and used them for years)


I am definitely going to change up to a different rub next time. I felt the chili powder influenced the bark flavor quite a bit. 


Woke up at 4:30am for the next morning for the first run.  


Got the grill preheated to 235 and the AMNTS going by 5:30am 


Held smoker temperature between 230 - 250 through 1pm.  


Felt like the Internal Temp was moving a bit slow to eat that night, so increase the temp above 250 and below 280.  


Halfway refilled the AMNTS.  (The first full 12" lasted almost 6 hours)


Pulled the pork at 192 degrees for a one hour rest 5:00pm. Ate at 6:15pm


Served with a mop sauce, (, and two bbq sauces for the sandwiches, the wife's favorite Famous Dave's ( and my new favorite Grumpy's Bold XX Kansas City Style (  Not a bbq sauce expert, but not sure there can be a better sauce than that Grumpy's.  Not a huge fan of Famous Dave's sauce, but it is for the wife.  


For the Carolina sauce, I took some pulled port and put it aside with the sauce just to try. It was actually really good and evened the heat on the bark.  I have never purchased a Carolina sauce before and was pretty impressed. 


I think for next time, I will definitely allow for a bit more smoking/rest time.  I think I will try a slightly higher cooking temperature or foil.  I will try a different rub.  I really liked using the hickory pellets, them smelled and made the food taste great.  Love the amount of leftovers.  


Hope you guys enjoyed a little play by play.  Thanks for all the help.  I can't wait for the next time.  

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