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Wings & Salmon Sunday Smoke

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     Today I smoked up some wings and Salmon on my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker...


Soaked the wings in Lemon Pepper mix over night... Also did this to the salmon also!

Getting Started!....



Before I smoked the wings I added a homemade rub... And I rubbed the salmon with some garlic....

Smoked wings at 245 degrees untill hit 160 degrees. It took about 1 1/2 hours to finish!

The Salmon took 35 minutes!



Once again, AWESOME FOOD! My family loved it.. Till next time.. Peace to all!!

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Awesome lookin Q ! icon14.gif
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BMX, Nice  smoke ,nice combo !

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Nice looking wings , and the Salmon looks Luscious . Invite me a day  before so I can get there and shower before the meal :ROTF


Wish I could get Fresh Salmon .  It's Days or Weeks old when it gets to Toledo , and NEVER in my little home town grocer... :icon_evil:


Have fun and . . .

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