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sfprankster's First Pastrami

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One of my all time favorite smoked meats... :drool:



It all began as 10lb brisket... 




Foolish me, I lit my WSM at 3 pm to begin this smoke... :icon_rolleyes:


This smoke took a total of 8 hours and 45 minutes before the pastrami passed the tenderness test( random poking with a toothpick) at an internal temperature of 203. 



After deciding 10 lbs of pastrami was a bit much, I cut the brisket in half and began the brine on Tuesday May 19th. The brine is fairly simple to make using water, kosher salt, sugar, fresh garlic, fresh ginger and a pickling spice mix I tossed together. I covered the brisket with the brine and used a plate to keep it submerged, covered the bucket and placed it into the walk in to brine. I had originally planned on letting it brine for a full 20 days, but after opening the brine bucket this last Tuesday May 26th. I couldn't wait the full 20 days. :icon_eek:








Once removed from the brine, I dried the brisket and placed it in the walk in overnight to continue to dry. I used a rub of toasted, crushed black pepper and coriander and placed the brisket into a 250 smoker. 





After smoking for 2 hours




After 6 hours(and well after dark :th_crybaby2:), just coming to an internal temperature of 190. 






Once the pastrami passed the tenderness test, at an internal temperature of 203, I wrapped it foil and let it rest an hour before taking a sample slice.





Missing a sample segment at 2am... thumb1.gif




Today's brunch, pastrami served with grilled asparagus and smashed potatoes with a spoonful full of the pastrami jus over the top. 




Not sure if you consider finishing a smoke at 2am fun... :icon_redface:




...but the pastrami turned out great and I foresee reubens in my near future... :yahoo:

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Hi , sfprankster . You posted a fine one . Looks great and glad it turned out so great . the cut portion looks marvelous :drool  :icon_exclaim:


Did you say you took a sample ,  looks more like a sammie size portion. :biggrin:


Again , nice job  .  :points:


As always . . .



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That last one was taken after my gf and I had brunch the next morning. It was so late when it finished, I forgot to take any pics before the knife made its first cut for a sample. 




Today is going to be a reuben type of day around here. 241.png


A nice crusty campagne bread, gruyere, homemade pickled fennel... :rotflmao:







Being able to make my own pastrami was one of the deciding factors to purchase a smoker. Now I'm hooked!

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Down to the last remaining piece of pastrami... :th_crybaby2:



Time to visit one of my favorite sammies, the reuben. :icon_mrgreen:




Thinly sliced pastrami(no slicer at home, just a sharp knife and a little patience :cool: ), emmental cheese, sfprankster's 500 island sauce and raw sauerkraut piled onto an organic pain de campagne bread. 




Since men(nor women) can not live on reuben sammies alone... :icon_rolleyes:


Home fries made from russet potatoes salt, pepper and cooked in unsalted butter.






Reubens served with home fries and grilled zucchini. 





sfprankster's 500 Island Sauce


1/3 tsp mustard powder(or to taste)

2 tbsp organic ketchup

1 tbsp garlic aioli

splash of the juice from the sauerkraut(or pickle juice)


Whisk all ingredients together.




Now I regret not making the whole 10 lb brisket into pastrami... :th_crybaby2:

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SFP, That pastrami looks superb !!!!! :points:

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Originally Posted by CrazyMoon View Post

SFP, That pastrami looks superb !!!!! :points:





Problem is...'s all gone. :th_crybaby2: 



I had planned to smoke a couple of pork bellies today, but the plans got interrupted and I will have to wait until tomorrow to smoke my maple bourbon bacon. Not quite the same as pastrami, but it will have to do... :icon_mrgreen: least until can get over to my friends' rach to pickup some more briskets.

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