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Originally Posted by Chef Willie View Post
 can do...that would be like biting the hand that keeps me in mad money. Kicks in her half for all expenses so I can tolerate a few quirks surrounding to much smoked meats.....LOL....more for the smoker!'s some Spam I did up for the boys at the VFW bar....I told them it was 'smoked pig' (not an actual lie, just a stretch) 250 for about 3 hours with cherry wood. They raved about it, especially the Navy guy, and didn't find out it was Spam until about a week later...LMAO at that one...good times were had by all.


Don't show that to Welshrabbit! You know Hawaii is where all the Spam bushes are grown. I always was misinformed and thought they came off of tree. Nope its a bush!

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The Spam looks great    I could eat some of that !!



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When a kid, the guys around the pit always had BBQ'd spam and bologna as opposed to the link sausages we have today/ They would score the outside so it would hold more sauce and know........ bologna can grow to monsterous proportions when a large chub is slow cooked on a pit! LOL


Oh and btw its totall awesome faire.

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I remember scoring the Spam, hadn't thought of that in years



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