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delete window help

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Have a mastetbuilt 40 with window messed up the windowseal so decided to take it out. Tired spray can foam melted around 175. Any ideas.

Have another piece inside with can foam in between but started running out.
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You could seal the outside edge of the metal to the door using high temp RTV sealant that is designed for chimneys. It is rated for 500 degrees which is plenty for that unit (just don't use it on the inside).

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I sealed both outside and inside with clear silicone for chimneys and spray foam inbetween. Spray foam found a way out.
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Are you using the spray foam for just insulation? If so, you could get some fire rated fiberglass insulation to fill the void.



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Yeah just something to fill the gap
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If it was me I would fill the void with insulation, seal the outside piece of metal, and let the inside seal itself with creosote/buildup over time. I don't like using any chemicals, sealants, etc in the actual cooking chamber.

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I wouldn't think that stuff would taste very good. Yuck.

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Yeah that's why I did this.

Going to try round two
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