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Burning out my tank

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the inside of my tank was not very rusty (yay!). I have knocked what rust there is down with a sanding wheel. I plan to burn the barrel this weekend. Any tips? How long do I burn for? How hot? I am very worried about warp age in the door. This is a 33 gallon craftsman compressor. Thanks!
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Not too hot at all, those things will warp very easily. If it was an oil less compressor, it won't take much heat at all. Smell it and see if you smell a hint of oil, it may be fine with a washout with Dawn. Propane and fuel tanks are the ones that really need to be burned....

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Is it even worth risking warping it? I will weld in supports and the overall smoker is done so it has other supports.

Here is the inside. It WAS an oil-LESS compressor.

Here is where I stand now. Next step is to burn the inside then make the grates, chimney etc.
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Yup, that looks like oil free for sure. Does it have any lingering smells? Do you have a small propane torch? If it doesn't smell, and you have a torch, just make a few passes around inside, wipe it down, and call it good. 

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I've got a weed burner. Maybe I'll give it a good pass with that. I just went out to smell it again with a fresh nose. It has a slight smell. Not bad. Can't tell if it is oil or metal smell but I'd guess oil. Again though, not bad.
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