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Greek style chicken fattie

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I'd like to share with you a fattie I made not too long ago.  I used skinless chicken breasts that I pounded flat along with

fresh cherry tomatoes,  chopped spinach, broccoli and a couple of cheeses.  I put some olive oil and garlic in a pan and softened up the veggies.    I put that mixture in the fridge to cool down before putting it  and the cheeses between two breasts that were pounded flat.

  I wrapped em' in bacon. ( I didn't have enough bacon to do a weave )  Smoked @250 until 160 IT.  

It was one of the best fatties I've done yet. Thanks for looking.

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Great Job, Looks Great    points1.png



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That looks fantastic
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Looks like it turned out tasty!
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Certainly does look good Thumbs Up


As an aside - I only found out the other day that the worlds largest producer of Greek yoghurt is... Yes you guessed it - The USA :smilie_flagge13: LOL

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EB, Nice one !:points:

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