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Bell Fab smoker owners

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Bell owners: Please post any pros/cons, comments, pictures. There doesn't seem to be anything to find out there and I am desperate for info.

Please respond and thanks in advance, Joe
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I hadnt heard of them, but a quick google search they look to be a pretty quality custom built pit

website just shows trailer mounted units


you looking at getting something custom built or found one used?

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Thanks Red, they will build anything you want. I'm going for a custom backyard model. Have looked at their website, but not much build info there.
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Hey, Joe  email them and tell them you are interested and want a complete breakdown and pictures of the inside



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Thanks Gary
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Curious how you found them Joe,  you being in SC and I think their website says they are in Oklahoma

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Somewhere in a forum someone had referred to the Bell site and I visited. When I saw what they had, I thought it looked pretty good. I talked with Mr. Bell and he was very courteous. He seemed to know quite a lot about the operation and nuances of smokers. With all that, I still would like to speak with some owners who could shed some light on how they are pleased with their smokers or what they don't particularly like about them. Maybe some mods that have had to make.
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Thanks very much, Gary. As usual you're on top of things. I looked at the sites that you suggested and they were very helpful. They answered several of my questions and gave me a really good feeling.

Thanks again, Joe
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Your welcome, Post some pics when you get that bad boy



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cooked on one at a contest in skiatook ok we placed first in ribs and third over all will be talking to him about buying my own soon

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