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Where do you guys get your butcher paper?

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I inject mine with beef broth, wostershire, soy sauce. Then when I wrap I inject again and put butter and onions in my wrap. I rub it down first with olive oil then sprinkle with garlic powder, salt, pepper, Montreal steak seasoning, then my favorite rub Plow Boys to give it a little heat.
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I think basting helps to with tenseness. Every 45 min. I baste with a oil cider vinegar mop sauce. I cook them this way for Competition. I do pretty well in the brisket category. The last hour I unfoil leaving it in the foil and baste with its own juice. Then wrap back up for a two hour rest.
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Are you cooking a brisket or a Roast ?



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Originally Posted by Aggie94 View Post

Yes there is quite a debate on using foil or not.  Lately I've been using it as it has helped overcome some other problems I have, such as irregular temperatures and too dry briskets.  The following link for those who haven't seen it Franklin cooks 3 briskets, 1 with foil, 1 with butcher paper, 1 just plain.  I found it very interesting, actually it resulted in a huge discussion at work!


I always do my naked the entire time. I really expected him to not like it, but you could tell he liked it and his mind was spining a hit
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here is how mine turned out. No after heating just smoked slow. Vet juicy not dry I'm doing 3 more tomorrow pics to come.
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Wow! Now this is a good thread. Lot of good info from seasoned vets. My hat off to you Danny for starting. And the rest of ya for all the good input! Is their any way to keep this thread visible for all to see with out having to dig through everything? Maybe a new subtitle, to valuable to let get buried!
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Thanks.  I just wanted everyone to be able to smoke a brisket with success.  I just started the thread and offered my method.  The members have jumped on this one and offered terrific advice.  Thank you! to those members who have contributed.  I think it has become a great thread for smoking brisket due to the members participation.  Hope it helps folks.  Keep Smokin!


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Whew, after a sack lunch and a bottle of gatorade, I finally got through reading this entire thread. Good info, and good fun. (Boy can some of you guys write!)


I have a propane smoker and find it very easy to turn out good brisket. Also the quick recovery of the heat in the cooking chamber allows me to toothpick it until it's just right for me. And that's my contribution to this conversation. Depending on time, temp, and thickness, briskets will be "done" anywhere from 190-205 maybe 210. So once it hits 190, start probing it with a toothpick, skewer, or thermometer probe until it's tender as room temp butter.



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With the cost of brisket I had to make sure it made it to the house safely.....



This sucker was $95!!!!


This was a hilarious pic, but did anyone else realize the irony of the car seat cover's pattern......?

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Need to talk Brisket!

So I am cooking the Brisket for the Second UK SMF meet.

My supply has sent me this, it was rolled and tied.

So I have drawn a white line on the brisket where I think it needs to be cut? But at what angle as its like a flap, or just leave whole.

Smokin Monkey 🇬🇧
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Way to go. I heard those are hard to come by in your area! Should be a hit at the gathering! Not sure about why you would cut it there...are you referring to how you would slice the finished product?

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Hi Humdinger, no I am talking before to get the Point & Flat

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Hello Smokin Monkey.  As per usual I don't recognise that cut.  It has been trimmed to death.  The point and flat on a U.S. packer  are both one long piece separated a "membrane" for lack of a better word.  Think of a cardboard box rectangle; 12"-14" wide, 16"- 24" long, about 3"-4" deep.  So the flat and point are separated along the length.  Hope that helps.  In my opinion: WITHIN REASON! ( if it is mostly fat then why bother ) the more fat on/in the brisket the easier it is to smoke the brisket and keep it moist. Trim when you slice.  I don't foil.


I have faith in ya buddy.  I am sure we will be enjoying some great brisket.  I know where you are going here.  I don't mind being a guinea pig.  If you can add smoked brisket to the roast pig menu; ££££.  I'll be around and so will Wade.  You know we will help where we can.  GO FOR IT!  Keep Smokin!


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I cant tell from here, but it looks like you might have the following;

The underside of that flat might have more point attached since the two sections of meat overlap one another. Below is a link to a tutorial for separating brisket that I think might really help you. If I were going to separate that slab you have, (based on the pic you provided) I would start at the black line and see if there is a fat fault line running down through the meat. Hope this helps.



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My first try at brisket was a small piece of flat....... tough and dry.


My second try at brisket was a 12 lbs packer....... made a stupid move that cut off the air flow in my smoker and it was like cooking it in a frying pan.  Those pieces that weren't burnt, tasted good.


Third try........Followed Bama BBQ's method for this one.  Smoked a 13.4 lb brisket for 6 hours over hickory and pecan on a 44" Smoke Hollow propane smoker at temps of 290-325.  Fat cap down.  Then I wrapped it up tight in foil and put it in a 325 oven for two more hours.


The pictures tell the tale.  It's the first brisket that I have had that turned out even good and this one turned out really good.  Thanks for starting the thread.  I think the key for me was letting it cook until it was tender.  My probe said 112, but my toothpick said it wasn't done.  I pulled it and smothered it in towels for another 2 hrs.


This time I trusted the toothpick rather than the temp.  I'm used to cooking to temp.  It made for one heck of a brisket.



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Thanks to this thread it helped me clear up some things. I purchased a Select 8# whole packer, I was really questioning my cook time. I'll be putting this baby on the smoker in the AM. This will be my first brisket EVER. Lots of great info for a first timer. All trimmed up and seasoned with S&P. I just pray to the brisket gods this baby turns out JUICY.
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That's looking good Jax!  How is yours going Duchess?

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Hello.  Good luck Duchess.


Hello Jax.  We normally tell everyone to cook to an IT.  Brisket is a funny old thing.  Each brisket can be different but if you trust the methods the members have posted in this thread you should have continued success.  Keep Smokin!


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Originally Posted by Bama BBQ View Post

I'm from TX. Not sure that matters but I don't have a problem with brisket. I don't buy special meat - just cryovac from Wally World. More than once I've heard "This is the best I've ever had". Here's what I do:

Trim excess fat especially the hard stuff and even some from the seam.

Sprinkle with very little Black's Rub (Lockhart TX mecca of brisket)

Cook fat side down on a 300-350*F WSM until 170*F internal

Place in disposable pan and cover with foil until a skewer slides thru the meat like a hot knife thru butter

Rest about 30 min, slice about No 2 pencil thick, and serve.

That's it. Turns out perfect every time. My last packer was 15# untrimmed. It took 7 hrs. Moist and tender.








I apologize if this has already been covered...when going hot and fast what do you do with the point? Would you suggest I use the plate setter in our Egg when cooking hot and fast or leave it out?

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