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New to Smoking

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Hi all! New to smoking in general, I'm from Toronto, Ontario.


I currently use little smoker boxes on my BBQ and have turned out some really good flavours but as you can all attest to I've caught the bug and have a craving to expand my arsenal. I'll end up purchasing something in the spring/summer I was eyeing the WSM's as they seem to get great reviews. I also just posted this thread in the smoker charcoal area it looks decent as well but is apparently so new Broil King hasn't even posted it on their site. 


Wondering how anyone goes about smoking in the winter, I BBQ year round and we deal with so pretty crappy weather in Toronto. I was going to build a small pergola type cover for the BBQ which would probably accommodate a smoker too but the cold temps and wind might have an adverse impact on temp control. Any suggestions for winter smoking? 




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texas.gif  Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from a soggy and drying out day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.



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Noel, Welcome to the forum. You can use the search bar to research different smokers. As you can see by my location, I don't have any experience smoking in the snow. But I've seen a few posts here from people who did. If you don't get the info you need here, post a question, someone will come up with an answer for you. Happy smokin', David.

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Noel, Don't worry about the cold. I'm doing back bacon right now, just below 0*, and a few weeks ago, I was smoking with the chill @ -47. It can be done!

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