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Finally... Shoulders on sale 1.29....

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At our local spartan grocer. Not too bad. Been looking for a long time. Probably pick up 4 or 6, depending what I'm feeling like. Also have turkey drumsticks for .99/lb, so I just have to pick some of those up also.

If it ever thaws up over here in Michigan, I'll have some pulled pork, kielbasa, chorizo, and brined/smoked turkey drums. Also have a small hen turkey in the freezer that I haven't decided what to do with yet.

Just happy that shoulders are on sale again. Not as good as .99/lb like I've gotten before but not bad.
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I noticed shoulders on sale for $1.50 last week and couldn't resist. That is about as cheap as they get around here. I have two of them in the fridge to be smoked tomorrow. 

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yea,pork has dropped quite a bit over the last month/month 1/2,i wish beef would follow
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Found a new store in my area, Price Rite pork shoulder $0.99 a lb. chicken leg quarters $0.75 lb. Taking the boss there tomorrow. Boneless Pork loin or spare ribs $1.99 

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For some reason chicken is very inexpensive here. Can nearly routinely get leg quarters for .49/lb. Lamb isn't bad when you make a drove to the slaughter houses in Detroit. Seafood tends to be pricey, other than whitefish in November, when the commercial boats are out in lakes Huron and superior.

The turkey drums were MASSIVE and I picked up 4 to smoke at a later date. 4 shoulders also, 2 for sausage, 2 for pulled pork.
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MM, Nice price! We only have two stores up here in the boonies, the best price is 2.29#.

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Yeah..... time to stock up... I just saw piggly wiggly have whole boston butt for .99  havent seen that price since last feb. I notice that pork prices drop in the early months of the year and slowly increase over the months. Does anyone know why

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I'm guessing that piglets get weaned sometime in the winter, and maybe the female swine can be slaughtered at that point, in effect "flooding" the market with pork.... just a total guess, but I know that getting young pigs for the spit is a fall thing.


or maybe the piglets have grown into a slaughterable size by then, I don't know, never had pigs.


either way, I've noticed that in February/march seems to be the time of the really cheap pork also.

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