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Smoked red salmon

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Trying my luck at smoking some red salmon from Sams club
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Good luck I'll be watching 110.gif

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Put it  in a dry brine of brown sugar, sea salt, and black pepper for 12 hrs.

Rinsed it off, patted it dry with paper towels, put a fan on it for 3 hrs, then let it sit still in the cool basement overnight.

Put it in the smoker at 4:00 this morning. Will smoke it until 8:00 this a.m. when I go to work, then will let it sit in the basement again while I work today.

This afternoon I will bring the internal temp up to 145.

The pic is after sitting in the basement overnight to let the "pellicle" form. I searched the forum last night to learn what pellicle is.

More this afternoon.

Temp. outside is 0*. Hope the temp don't get too high inside the smoker in the next 4 hrs!

Have a good day!


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Those 4 racks of salmon stacked on top of one another in the pic represents $75 worth of filets. 6 lbs, minus skin and yucky gray fat under the skin. Gotta do this right!

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Have you smoked Salmon without the skin before?   To me, the finish product is much drier, so be careful.    Let's see some more in process pics!   What flavor of wood are you using?

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Finished product
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ready for the freezer.
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I have left the skin on. Still good. I have a personal thing about fish fat though.
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