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Another member making Keilbasa w/cheddar

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It must be kielbasa season here at SMF.I grabbed a butt and chopped it up for some  kielbasa,  spelled  wrong in the header !:icon_biggrin:


10# butt gave me 8# after the trimming.


Spices and cure weighed out and pork all cubed.

Look at the pork color after curing .                                                    some high temp cheddar



All mixed up and ready for the stuffer                                                        Flushing the casings



In the smoker we go                                                                               snow shower to chill to 110 *


  Finished product                                                                                     Money shot


THANKS for looking ! CM

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Wow, that's some great looking kielbasa!!  Love the money shot and the "cooling process" in the snow.  Reinhard

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I love the look of this! Great qview!



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Nice job CM and I before E except after Cee :rules: 



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CM Great job, I bet they didn't last long. 



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I'll say it again, y'all are killing me with all these great sausage post



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It doesn't matter how ya spell it..... The kielbasa looks fantastic..............:drool


Nice Job.............Thumbs Up



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Looks awesome.

I am gonna be trying some soon
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