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Dino Rib!!!!

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I wish I could take credit for this, but I can't. Without a doubt the best BBQ I've ever had, hands down. Was lucky enough to be in Texas on business last week, and I made the pilgrimage  to Louie Mueller's in Taylor. Just had to share a couple pics of the food and the fine folks who man the pits.


The rib was close to 2 lbs, and I wish I hadn't eaten for 2 days prior so I could have sampled more. Incredible, to say the least.


Making plans for a return, Bon Appetite!




Jason, the pitmaster



Just look at the 60 years worth of smoke on the walls & ceiling- you can smell the place from a block away!!


And the pits-



This is my idea of curb appeal!!



Happy smokin!

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Looks Great !!


Large Dino Rib for sure!!


Lots of Great Q in Texas!!




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