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Wow!!  They were correct in stating the double-smoked spiral--sliced hams are the best!  I put my spiral-sliced ham face down in a glass bowl, put a cup of water in.  It cooked for about an hour and a half to two hours at 225 degrees.  The woods were a mixture of half hickory and half oak.

The ham is my secondary meat accompanying the brisket. 

When everyone left this evening, they all asked for leftover ham to take with them, saying it was the best! 

Guess my brisket will take the backseat to the ham next go-around.

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Jeff actually did an article about this. It's the premise I've been using.  Get spiral sliced ham. Slather it with some mustard, rub your bbq rub all over. Rest in fridge for a while. Smoke for a few hours till the temp gets to 160ish. Rest, eat & enjoy.

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I did one yesterday for Easter. Everyone loved it. Rubbed with brown sugar and a little savory, then made a glaze with brown sugar and pineapple juice.


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