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My Jerky Recipe

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Okay this isn't EXACTLY mine, it's base is from a youtube video I saw (TJ Cooks) but here is what my recipe calls for. I have not tested THIS one but this will be my next batch I believe.


I don't like my jerky TOO spicy but still want a good amount:


4lbs of london broil/flank steak


2tsp onion powder

2tsp garlic powder

1 tsp ground black pepper

2tsp red pepper flakes

1tsp Cayenne pepper

1tsp salt

1 cup soy sauce

2 cups Worcester sauce

1 cup of jack daniels

1 cup of agave nector


Mix it all together, let it marinade overnight (12-24 hours).


I than smoked it on my WSM for about 6 hours ranging from around 140-160 temp. I put about 2-3 small chunks of apple wood on (in my case 1 larger piece which was equiv to about 2-3 smaller).


6 hours is a best guess, you basically want it to appear done/darker in color. Try bending it as you get near that mark. If you've made jerky you'll known when its done. If you have not before... I advise you to research articles on when jerky is done. As I'm still new at this I can't really help you there, but that's the recipe I like.


It has a sweeter flavor without too much overpowering pepper. It might be a BIT on the sweeter side. I have to investigate trying it WITHOUT the agave nector. As the original recipe did not call for jack daniels, I added that. So that is now two products that are sweet I'm adding, which might be why it's on the sweet side. So maybe leave out the jack or leave out the agave.

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I would suggest using some cure. Ether TQ or cure #1 in the proper amount.

Happy smoken.


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I found that 2 days  in the brine makes for better flavor if you can swing it, recipe looks good as mule sais cure would be nice !

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