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Happy New Year

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Smoking a 4lb pork butt today.

Started it at 9am at 225. Was thinking that at 1.5 hours per pound it would come off the smoker around 3pm. Nope. It's still on with a temp of 174 and slowly climbing. Seriously working on my patience!

For something to do while waiting I decided to make fresh rolls for pulled pork sandwiches.

Then, those were done and I'm still waiting--put together some fresh bbq sauce.

Guess I need to find something else to do for a while. Maybe I'll go for a run to burn off the meal before I eat it.....

Will post pics of the finished product soon
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Turn up the heat next time, that 4 pound hunk of meat gets done in 5 hours or less if you cook at 275°IMHO. I cook mine between 300° and 325° and cook times range from 40 to 50 minutes per pound. And no, quality does not suffer and you get to eat at a reasonable time of day.

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The finished product:


So, so good. Worth the lesson in patience.
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Originally Posted by Sally8571 View Post

The finished product:


So, so good. Worth the lesson in patience.


That butt looks great!!
Patience is a smokers best friend, you know that the wait is worth it, but man it is a hard thing to master! At least you bussied your self on other important projects! Me I just sit and stare at the smoker and drink more beer!!! LOL
Keep Smokin!!!
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It looks GREAT! I would suggest you check the set temp of your smoker against a know thermometer. Most smokers are off right out of the box. Remember patience! It is done when it is done.

Happy smoken.


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