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I pulled these after an hour in foil:

Beef on the left, pork on the right. These are done enough to eat, but not falling off the bone yet. As I said earlier, I hope to get that tenderness in an oven tomorrow before serving tomorrow afternoon. I hate to give myself any credit, but I may have timed these right, and the marathon smoke is going pretty much as planned. I might get more sleep tonight than I thought I would get...


OK, you all have been great with feedback so far. Should I even consider using a grill to get a char tomorrow, or am I going to WAY too much trouble for food that will be devoured anyway?

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Looks good!


For future large party smokes do the following with ribs:

  • Use rib racks - increases the amount of ribs that can be cooked at one time - usually at least double depending on your smoker.
  • Cook ribs fully up to a week ahead of time, then foil and put them in the fridge. Reheat in the foil either in the oven or on a gas grill over low heat - if you have to stack them make sure you rotate the stack every 20-30 minutes.
  • If you do have a gas grill and want to get a great finish on them once they are mostly heated, remove from foil, lightly sauce them, turn up the heat on the grill and give them a bit of a sear - just enough to caramelize the sauce a bit.


Hope you family appreciates all the work you put into them ribs! Merry Christmas!

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Second batch of ribs removed at 3:15.


Turkey went on shortly after.

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Look great, nice job!

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Turkey finished around 7:30. It's 10:00 now and I'm settled down with a drink after deboning the bird. Here's the results:


I will try to post before and after feast pics later tomorrow night.

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You are one sick bastard for taking this on! But you did a great job. I hope everyone enjoys your effort.

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Final update: Everything turned out great. The ribs had a little more tug than I would have liked, and I wish I could have finished them in the smoker, but everyone enjoyed them. I even heard fro a few relatives who were skeptical of ribs for Christmas dinner, but changed their mind after eating. The turkey turned out amazing, but the beef ribs were the first to disappear. Here is a photo of the aftermath:

Originally there were five three heaping trays of ribs and two trays of turkey meat.


Merry Christmas to all and thanks for following this adventure!


...and thanks for all the feedback and advice. I don't know if I would ever do something like this for a large crowd again, but rib racks are something that was mentioned. I think I'll avoid that and stick to smaller crowds to feed.

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