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Good things come to those who wait!

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Well, I'd been checking my latest batch of sauerkraut monthly until about 6 weeks ago....I was getting tired of messing around with the weights and top leaves so I figured that I'd just leave it be until there was time. Today there was some time so I cracked open the crock fully expecting to find a sloppy mess.....Instead this is what came out.....



The cabbage was shredded and salted on July 26th....4 1/2 months later I think this might be the best batch yet....Perfectly sour....not salty at all. The mustard seeds, caraway seeds and pepper corns have mingled in perfectly. Being out in my temperature controlled outbuilding probably caused it to take longer to ferment considering the fact that it's warmer in the house, where it's been fermented in the past. 


If you haven't do so yet, make yourself some. You will wonder what took you so long to try it!

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Looks really good to me.....
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Time and patience seems to always pay off.


Thats some beautiful kraut, I think I would leave it out on the table so everyone could apprceiate it.

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Thanks guys! I started getting worried when it wouldn't sour up....but I'm glad I waited. 

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