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Amazen tray questions

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First off how well do the amazen trays work in a mes smoker? Will it stay lit through a whole smoke? Finally, which size amazen tray for a 40" mes?
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The amnps was made for the mes. I get 12 hours out of a load of pellets.
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Do you have the 5x8?
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I have them all . dust, pellet and tube smokers
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What works better in the MES, the dust or the pellets?  My typical smokes are ribs or butts so 6 hour smokes or 12-15 hour smokes.  Is there anything to tell you how much dust/pellets to use depending on how many hours you need smoke?  Planning on ordering today.

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I've been getting 6hrs smoke from 1 and 1/2 rows with no problem. I have the MES 40 with the 5x8 AMNPS I only use pellets.

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