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Smoking a brisket?

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I've been picked to cater a wedding and I really want the meat to turn out great.

I want to smoke a 14lb brisket, but i also want to cut down the cooking time. I don't see myself smoking a whole 14lb brisket for 20hrs. I've only smoked 2 briskets before and both of them i cut in half. The last one i did it only took me 8hrs (internal temp 203 degrees). I was stocked!

My question is how long does it really take to smoke a 14lb packer brisket, so to get an IT of 195-205? I'll be smoking at 225-240.
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Last one I cooked was close in weight about 16 hours. If you cook overnight(and can trust your cooker) it's not so bad.
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After the first several hours of smoking, you can always put it in the oven to finish and get some sleep. 

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I have had them go over 24 hours. It is done when it is done. You could cook it before and reheat it. That is what a lot of people do.

Happy smoken.


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I quit doing low n slow brisket because it just takes too long for a crap shoot final product. The last several 13-14# packers I've done take ~ 7 hrs. I go 350*F pit temp fat side down until internal temp is 170*F then wrap fat side up in a disposable alum pan until probe/fork tender. Perfect every time.
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I plan for 1 hour per pound plus two hours.  Having said that, I also foil at 165 and this usually cuts cooking time by at least 2 - 3 hours.  I've smoked several briskets the largest being 17 pounds and they have all turned out great.  Now I have an electric smoker that holds my set temp no matter what happens as long as the power stays on.  Just remember that every piece of meat especially a brisket gets done when it gets done.

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Kick the temp up to 275 degrees - it will drastically cut your cooking times down.  This will get you  ~1 per pound.  I've cooked a couple of briskets at 275 and they still turned out great.  Just as good and juicy as the "traditional 225" but a lot less time.  I cooked a 12 pounder in 11 hours.

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Here is some good information on brisket I posted back in the summer




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