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The Vision M series is on sale right now at sams club for 399.00
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If he currently cooks with propane a cheaper option might be a Master Forge vertical gas smoker from Lowe's. They are cheaper than a lot of smokers out there but I have had very good luck with mine, had it about a year now and it is still solid. I haven't used charcoal in years and would have no idea how to manage the temperatures so this smoker was an easy choice for me.

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i have a ceramic egg made by saffire. they are pricey but you can smoke grill bake sear. it does it all .lump charcoal. the cheaper vertin would be a webber.

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My buddy Pete uses a Bradley Smoker. I come from a charcoal/wood background when it comes to smokers/grills, but I have also grown to love the convenience of a gas grill for burgers and dogs, but this thing is awesome. It combines convenience as an electric smoker with the flavor of a charcoal or wood smoker. Check out my buddy Pete's review of the Bradley.

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If the FIL currently uses a gas grill, you might talk to him and find out his thoughts on using charcoal before buying a WSM or a Kamado.

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See what he likes or think he might like 

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Hey Brenda, let me throw my 2-cents-worth on here.  First of all, I'd like to say the guys and gals in this forum have helped me tremendously in the past couple of years.  They know what they're talking about, for sure.


I was in that same boat a couple of years ago.  I had been doing a lot of grilling on a Weber Genesis...and I had a Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain propane smoker from Bass Pro that was on its last leg.  I could do pretty good ribs and chicken on that old propane smoker, but that was about it.  And, I had gone through a lot of cheap smokers in the past...and none was worth the work for what they produced.  I also wanted to go old school, so I started researching charcoal/wood offset smokers, affectionately called "stick burners", while only having $500 to spend.  And, let me tell you, it is hard to find a good smoker for $500.  I finally purchased an Old Country Wrangler from Academy for $500.  It's 3/16" steel, and weighs 340 it's heavy.  I love it, and can smoke anything on it to perfection.  For the price, it's hard to beat.  The problem with it is time...I have to spend a lot of time babying it, constantly adjusting the damper and fire to keep it on temp.  And, most of the time, I don't mind...if the weather is nice and I have plenty of adult beverages.  But, sometimes, like during a long brisket smoke, I'd rather be doing something else rather than, as my wife says, "playing with my smoker".


And, I said all that, to say this.  I've done all the research, and based on that, as well as some friends input, had decided on an XL Big Green Egg.  However, after much more research, I changed my mind...and am now getting ready to purchase a new 22 1/2" Weber Smokey Mountain, or what everyone has referred to as the WSM.  I've not used either one, but from what I've read, both will hold temperatures very well...and for me, either one would be wonderful, just to be able to set it and forget about for several hours.  Here's the kicker between the two for me, PRICE and SIZE!  I can almost buy 3 WSMs for the price of one XL BGE.  The XL BGE has 452 sq in of cooking space, and the 22 1/2" WSM has 726 sq in.  I don't recall anyone ever saying they wish they had less room on their smoker.  My Old Country Wrangler has 920 sq in of cooking space, and there have been times I wish it had more.  So, I can't imagine going to a BGE with less than half the space I currently have.


So, even though I currently do not own a WSM, I will soon...and whole heartedly agree with everyone on here that mentioned one.  I remember "oldschoolbbq" helping me a lot when I got started with my stick-burner, and if he recommends a WSM, that's good enough for me.  Can't wait to get my WSM in, and smoke a brisket on it.


Thanks...and good luck with your decision.   

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Totally agree. I've had 3 smoker so far and this has been the best and easiest to use. Works great for cold smoking fish and cheeses (just unplug the oven part) and large whole turkeys ribs and ham. Some people have complained of the temp. control variations, and using a digital thermo. I have seen it go past the desired temp. but eventually goes back down.

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Green Mountain Pellet Grill

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