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smoking turkeys this Thanksgiving- advice/tips?

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I finally bought a Master Forge Smoker and decided to smoke a turkey for this year's Thanksgiving. I went out and bought a 19 pounder, then after reading all of the advice and tips, I decided to bag the big turkey and get two 10 ponders.

I am brining, as a matter of fact, I am using the cranberry brining solution I saw on here.

Before I embarrk on my holiday smoking journey I wanted to know if anyone had any tips or advice to make sure that the turkey is the center of the feast and not a flop.

Unfortunately I do not have enough time to do any of the mods on this smoker, well maybe change the propane regulated, if I can find it in time.

Thanks in advance for the responses and advice! have a great Thanksgiving!
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For the turkey of your life I would say keep control of your temperature, keep the door shut and let the bird do it's thing. Keep track of what you have done so you know how to do it again or what to change for next time. It is done when the breast IT is 165°.

Happy smoken.


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Thank you for the info!

I have read numerous articles regarding smoking temps, and I was planning on 240 degrees for 6 hours +/-. These are 11# turkeys The real thing that concerns me with this smoker after reading about the mods is getting the temp up to 240.
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When you check the temp, check the thigh temp too for 165F.  Look online for pictures where to check the thigh temp. I cook/smoke my turkeys breast side up and the breast will usually hit 165F before the thigh.  For the turkey I just did Sunday, when the breast hit 165F the thigh was still at 157F.  Some would say close enough.  I always take the thigh to 165F.  It took another 45 minutes of smoke roasting before the thigh was at 165F 


Because you've brined the turkey the breast meat can go to a higher temp and still be juicy and tender due to the way the brine changes the protein structure of the meat, adding fluid deep in the muscle.  Don't sweat it if the breast on a brined turkey gets as high as 175F while the thigh is coming up to temp.     

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Wayde58, hello. You can cook at 240*F nicely , not too hot . Poultry likes higher temps. , and that's a good place.


I have a suggestion ,if I may... go but a couple of cans of "TallBoy" Beer , if you don't drink , pour it out and fill with your choice of liquid . Place the cans up the rear of the Bird and stand it like a tripod with the Legs. This will insure that the Legs and Thighs get the heat they need, then take the Breast to 165*F and the Legs and all will be done and juicy(they are denser and hold juices better).


Follow the other Hero's hints also...


Have a great Thanksgiving , and as always . . .

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I appreciate and welcome the responses!

You all are giving me great ideas and encouragement!
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A successful smoked turkey thanksgiving! Thank you to all that posted!

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