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gap around doors on smoker

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On my smoker around the bottom of the doors I have a gap that is letting some of the smoke and heat out. Do any of you use the hi temp silicon to help seal off the leak?

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Ribwizzard posted some pictures of his technique but I can't find them. He uses kitchen stretch wrap on the door, puts on high temp silicone and closes the lid till it cures. It is a good method to assure you get the silicone to stick to only one side and conform to the opening. I don't remember what he did to "prime" the side with the silicone, the post was quite awhile ago.

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think if I took some kind of degreaser to clean the silicon side that would be ok. do you think there any chance of the silicone smell getting in the meat while it is cooking?

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RTV really takes a week to cure to full strength so plan on giving it time and you won't have any adverse affect. Yes, you want to degrease, then sand with some course grit paper to give the metal some tooth, and solvent clean it again and it should stick well. 

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Redneck cure, crumple up some foil and make a rope of it, put it along the crack and then gently force it down with the door , it will seal. Its not perament, its not pretty, but it will work till you can fix it right.

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Like Foam said tinfoil is a good quick fix. Also consider stove gasket material. Some is self adhesive, some requires an adhesive.
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You will probably have to cut the hinges loose and re weld them.... but you will have a well sealed door....

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thanks I will try this.

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I used a Nomex gasket on mine, go to they work great. I would stay away from the rtv stuff, it stinks forever.

Good luck!

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where did you find the nomex gasket material?

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If you click on the website of his post, it will take you to their online store.

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click on the brown letters in his post...
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Poppa D, not sure which smoker you have, but you probably don't want to use gasketing on the hinge side, unless you have a big gap there as well. it will not allow the door to close fully. I used it on the sides of the door, and the bottom. sealed perfectly.


Happy smokin!

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thanks, my smoker is one that built myself. 24" OD x 60" long made from a piece of steel pipe. It does a good job just trying to keep as much heat inside as possible. I have ordered the black  nomex material  already. again thanks again for all of your help.


Poppa D

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