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How long and how much wood?

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Hi folks,

I really fancied smoking some whole chickens this weekend for some friends, usually concentrate my smoking time to pulled pork but feelin' like it's time to diverse.

Just bought 6 x 4lb chix to put in the WSM, just made the brine and chilling now. Going to leave them in the brine overnight for around 8 hours before preparing them for the smoker.

I've got some apple and hickory chips left over so thought I'd do 75% apple and 25% hickory to give the chiken a nice subtle smoke.

I understand that when smoking "low & slow" my pork butts that the smoke only penetrates for the first 4/5 hours, my question is, how much smoke do I give 4lb chickens?

Do I smoke right through the 3 or 4 hours of cooking or hold back a bit?

All ideas are welcome as I'm a complete novice at Poultry, I've obviously read up on it but there's nothing like you guys for ideas and inspiration.

I love this site man! Thanks all.

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I would kick the temp up on your smoker to 325° if it will go that high. Then I smoke the whole time. You will get crispy skin if you can get up to that temp. If non finish on a gas grill or an oven.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks Dave, not a problem getting the temp up there, won't dry the breast out at all?

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The breast meat won't dry out if you don't overcook it. Brining helps a bit, but make sure you get it out of the heat when it hits 165. Shouldn't take more than 2 hours at 325, so give it the smoke the whole time.
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Just don't over cook it. Chicken is a meat that only gains a little more smoke from low and slow.

Remember to post a Qview.

Happy smoken.


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