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Smoking Turkey - Need a Little Advise

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I have been asked to smoke 8-10 turkey's for a event.  I smoke a lot of other meats but never whole turkey's.  I would not like to get involved with the having to having to brine them. 


Questions? does anyone have a good pointer on just plan old smoking them?


They will be 10-12lbs max.  I have a large smoker either reverse or straight can be used.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,



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Randy You can make a dry rub with, Celery salt, onion salt , garlic salt. you can add paprika for color. Coat the bird with olive oil apply rub, Smoke at 275*  Post some pics when u do it

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Here is some of my smokes, turkey and chicken alls the same really. Fowl is great smoked.


Smoking Turkey w/ Q-View: (Injected)


Smoked Chicken w/ Q-View: (Brined)


Smoked Chicken w/Q-View: (Nekkid)



BDSkelly also does some festive fruit flavors. Then I remember a great thread from Pops, his was a cured smoked turkey. His is always beautiful and professional done.


Their is all kinds of help in the search engine.

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