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Steak with Board Sauce w/Q-view

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I haven't posted anything in a while (work, life, yadda yadda yadda) but I ran across this recipe and couldn't resist posting it as I have used it a couple of times recently and think it is really cool and quite delicious. 


From time to time I run across some cheap strip steaks at one of the local grocery chains here. I like to use them for mock fajitas, stir fry and other such uses. But then I ran across this board sauce thing. It is credited to a chef named Adam Perry Lang. 


Anyhew, I picked up some of those cheap $5 pound NY Strips and put it to the test (I used it on chicken breast earlier in the week to great success). The concept of board sauce is to make a sauce using fresh herbs right there on the cutting board and put your steak right off the grill and  onto the top of the sauce and slice your steak releasing the juices to mix with the sauce. Mix it all up, and hell, eat it right off the board! Perfect for dressing up lesser quality steaks.


Here are the cast of characters:





I reverse seared in my gasser with a single burner at about 250* took the IT to 115*. 



Prepared the board while they were in the gasser then put them on the chimney.




Snuck some sun dried tomatoes in there too






Then right to the board piping hot for slicing. The idea is to slice it right away to release juices.





Cucumber-Tomato salad with EEOV, Balsamic and a little of the board sauce for good measure. 

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Thanks for posting this.  It looks awesome, I'm going to be trying this in the very near future.

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Gonna do this tonite! Thanks for the post, this is perfect for those of us who stare at the clock, waiting to tear into the meat- No more waiting!! YeeHaw!!!!!!!!

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Tasty looking steak! Haven't made a board sauce in a while may need to do it again soon! Thanks for jogging the memory!
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Nice! I'll try this tonight. I had never heard of board sauce before this post.



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Never knew it as a board sauce! I learned something new today, so I can't get older today!


Thank you


Nice looking meal.

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That's something new for me as well.  Thanks for the great information and pics!!  Reinhard

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Great looking meal, Sir! You ate well!



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Well, after dinner, I can say this is good stuff. Definately something I'll be doing more often. Thank you for posting and teaching me something new.

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That looks very tasty - nice job 



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