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My first fattie

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P1010292.JPG 893k .JPG file P1010287.JPG 897k .JPG file Hey.....just got a to this.  I bought a Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker.  I just created my first fattie.  Looking forward to the first smoke.  Seasoned ground beef, portabella mushrooms, sweet onion, swiss cheese and green peppers.  


P1010286.JPG 867k .JPG file


P1010294.JPG 860k .JPG file

P1010296.JPG 1,003k .JPG file

P1010298.JPG 934k .JPG file

P1010299.JPG 914k .JPG file


Ready for the smoker.  Hope it comes out good!!  Will post the smoke tomorrow night.

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Looks like a great start! Good luck and have fun!
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P1010301.JPG 980k .JPG file P1010300.JPG 1,150k .JPG file


Cheese blew out.....and needed more seasoning..    But overall....not a bad virgin voyage into the world of smokin'!!!!!

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