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Babybacks (QView)

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The Results of last weekends smoke. (with Jeff's rub)

Baby backs done on the MES 40 with apple chips in the cold smoke attachment.

I put a charcoal brick in the mes chip tray every 45 minutes (when spritzing with apple juice and a little cider vinegar) in and effort to get a smoke ring.... ended up doing 3/1/2 at about 220. I thought it would be 3/1/1 (babys) but went the extra hour because of no pull back...





Ready to wrap



Unwrapping.... no pullback?


Finished product... a little smoke ring...

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Once again, nice smoke!

I'm one who doesn't care about the smoke ring as long as the finished product tastes great! Some of the best Q I've had didn't have a smoke ring!
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Those look great I prefer taste over the ring as well, nice job!
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Look delicious ,thanks for sharing!

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