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First time smoking brisket.

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Hello I am a newbie when it comes to smoking meats. I have a 4 pound brisket any rubs or juices I should inject with before smoking? also what temp and how long would everyone suggest?

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Welcome Dusty!


I love injecting and marinated my briskets as they turn out real well for me. For the injection I keep it simple by simply injecting at every square inch or so with some beef broth.


You can find my whole process here:


Obvioustly, you will not be doing burnt ends, but the rest of the process (ie marinade, temperatures, etc.) could serve you well. I would estimate a 4 lb brisket to take you between 5-6 hours (not including a two hour resting period) if you smoke it at 235 and foil once the IT of the meat hits 165.


Good luck and feel free to msg me if you need any help!



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What do you use for a rub? Should I inject it the night before?

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I inject the night before so it has time to spread through the meat. I rub the morning of the smoke, Use any rub you like or some just use kosher salt and course ground black pepper. 

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I just use salt and coarse-ground pepper. FWIW, I am no brisket expert, but I foiled my first one at 160 degrees and it was moist. Didn't foil the second one and it was dry. Both were tender at an IT of 203, but moist was better. (Both were injected with beef broth.) I would say at least foil during the stall, then remove from foil when IT starts climbing again if you want bark. Or, better yet, click on knifebld's link and do what he says.

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Now :icon_exclaim: Q-view of your finish ...:drool waiting with 'Baited Breath" .


Later . . .

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I will be uploading pictures as I am smoking it tomorrow

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