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Salmon Smoke

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A buddy dropped off some of his Sunday catch for me to smoke. Wet brined 48 hrs then smoked @ 200 with pecan pellets till IT of 155. Smells freaking outstanding




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Beautiful! Now go look at the prices for smoked salmon in a store.


I still have a last little bit from my last smoking, over apple.

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Nice looking smoke. What speciea of Salmon is that?
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Pacific king

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How delicious!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!! - Leah

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The salmon looks lovely. I bet it tasted as good as it smelt Thumbs Up. Thanks for sharing

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Looks great. I can tell it tastes amazing. I had (cold) smoked salmon for breakfast, but wouldnt mind sampling yours too. Can't get enough ...gotta keep the mercury...I mean omega3 fats intake high. I normally get sick of foods if I eat them too often. Not smoked salmon (and avocado).
I know...first world problems.
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Careful.... You know that if you eat too much fish you will end up like Leah - LOL  lurk.gif 

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King Salmon? Not bad at all. Do you live on the west coast?
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Yes I do. 10 minutes north of Portland airport

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