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newbie's first Boston Butt.

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 didn't turn out to bad. would like to find a better rub then the market stuff(kroger)?! used my new brinkmann trailmaster loved it but temps where hard to control all night for the game that afternoon .


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I like the plow boys rub, there might be better out there but I think you can mail order it from amazon.

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Looks good. Their are a lot of good rubs on here. The rub recipe that TulsaJeff sells on here is a good starting place. It also keeps this forum up and running.

Happy smoken.


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You should try making some rub of your own. You can go to the dollar store and get some spices to experment with. This will also help you in acquiring some flavor profiles. I use all my own rubs to smoke with. I created a base reciepe and depending on what I'm doing that day, I will add accordingly. Here is a good base to start with. Equal parts of Chili powder, granulated garlic, onion powder,season salt, black pepper. Then depending on your style, you can add like powdered mustard, celery salt, cumin, tumeric, to taste. Biggest thing is don't be afraid to try.
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Thanks guys! Jeff I will be looking you up and also try the plowboy. Big
Bull I may have to try that too!! I Enjoy this site!
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I second the notion of making your own rub! My base is a little different. Brown sugar, paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Then add whatever else you like. Some cayenne, celery seeds, cumin or any other spices you think would make it the way you want it. Don't be afraid to experiment you may find that awesome mix that makes you famous!
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I believe I may end up trying to make my own rub for next smoke day too.

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I Injected mine do y'all?
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Never have infecting a butt. The only thing I've ever injected was a whole pig. Never brined anything either.
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I do but that depends on what flavors I'm going for. I think the 3 most important keys are, steady temp, proper food prep, internal temp. When I cook it is usually 100 lbs or more at a time so sometimes it is not practical to inject. I think that if u let the meat come up to room temp before u add your seasoning and then quickly go on the grill that makes a huge difference.
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You're my hero lol... a hundred pounds or more at a time!
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I do not agree with letting the meat come to room temp when it's going to be smoked. For a few steaks that will be cooked quickly I say yes but when you're cooking in the smoker for such a long period of time the meat should stay cold till the last minute to avoid any issues.
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The last cook was this past Sunday. 8 Pork butts 6 briskets and 40 lbs wings (about 275 wings). To clarify when u are cooking 1-2 pieces of meat then yes I would keep them cool till ready to cook, but in my case when I cook 2 to 3 different kinds of meat, and the amout I usually cook, I usually let the particular species I'm working with at the time come up to 60 - 65 degree internal before I put them on the smoker. I don't let it get too hot but it does help me keep cook all the meat evenly so it all comes off at the same time or relatively close.
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Keep constancy when cooking
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Grillingkid, the butt looks scrumptious !

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Shawn , do you have a probe therm. :icon_question: You'll need one in addition to the pit therm. , to get grate level temp. and the IMT of your cook.


Be diligent and have fun . . .

  The game is 'patience' . . .

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