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rib question?

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hi ive had issues on the outcome of smoking my ribs...ive basically only have done spare and hotel-cut(which i have no clue what the difference is in cut) other than the flap being cut off...i have to cut the slabs in half in order to fit in my masterbuilt electric smoker...the narrower ends(not so thick) are coming out fantastic but the thicker ends are can tell there not right because of how tougher they are and the meat is grayish even keeping them in a little longer than usual....i do the 3-2-1 method and use apple juice in the part "2" method...can the thicker end be trimmed down or!!!

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The "bend-test" is one of the common standards for ribs.  If the thinner sections pass the bend test, but the thicker sections do not, leave the thicker sections in the smoker longer.  Once the thicker sections pass the bend test, they are done.  Thicker sections can take longer to cook than thinner sections, this is normal.  I have mapped the hotter and colder sections in all my smokers.  Thicker chunks get placed in the hotter sections of the smoker, thinner sections get placed in the cooler sections.  This helps all the meat complete at the same time.  It is a bit of an art, but you will get the hang of it.

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If they're coming out tough, it's because they are undercooked. The first thing to check:

What temp are you cooking at, and how are you monitoring your cooking temp? If you've used the 3-2-1 method multiple times, and the ribs keep coming out tough, that sounds like you may not be running your pit as hot as you think you are. If you don't have an accurate pit thermometer, I'd suggest you get one so you'll know for sure what your cooking temps are. The stock thermos on most of those cabinet style smokers are notoriously cheap and inaccurate. Many of us use a remote digital probe like the Maverick ET-732 or the igrill system.

Hope that helps...

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im running it between 225-230...i knew the thermos they come with werent so good due to posts,so i got a reg oven thermometer...are the ones you mentioned both good?like i said the thinner ends are coming out excellent...its the thicker ends that are still not done/tough.

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I don't take my ribs off until the rib bones stick out of the sides of the meat about a quarter inch. Never fails. I can usually count on the planned time it should take. But sometimes it takes a little longer.
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Just did my first ribs today 225 41/2 hrs turned out great!!

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macn53, those look great! I am sure they tasted as good as they looked!

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Cryptkeeper , try rolling your Ribs (like Pancheta is rolled , place them in at 225*F and good smoke from your AMNPS (oh, don't have one , they are sold here) and let themcook. Will take appox. 6hrs. for Spares , 5 for BB's .


Have fun and . . . 

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Cryptkeeper , if you try the rolled Ribs , let us know how they were , good or bad. We'll help you solve your problem . Thumbs Up


Have fun and . . .

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