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Stand for the MES30

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Caught the carpenter bug today and decided to build a little something for my MES30 to reside on. Considered buying some sort of a cart but decided that I had most of the lumber laying around that I would need except something for the top. Bought a quarter sheet of plywood from the lumber yard and after a trip to Harbor Freight for casters after I decided I wanted to be able to move it around easily and two trips to the hardware store for more screws I probably have about as much invested as I would have spent buying one. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing I built it myself and I even managed to get all four legs the same length so it does not wobble, so that was good enough to warrant some pics on here!



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Looks nice. You might want to add a lower shelf or brace across the bottom. It is hard to beat home built verses made in China. You will be getting enjoyment for years to come.

Happy smoken.


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Cool , and yes , you don't want it doing the 'splits'.:icon_eek:

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