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East coast Tri-tip trip!

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Just finished the day "laboring" in the yard thinking about this all day. Fire is lit, Tri-tip is seasoned, temps holding and the wine is open! Cali in the South!

Meat is doused with my spicy rub. I like my beef to have some kick.

Smoker is set up for indirect fire, oak and hickory bring the fire and some Royal Oak charcoal doing the heat.

I need to ask a pardon from the California folks out there. This kid is a big fan of the Italian school. DOCG forever!

Smoker setup on the grill just dropped past 300, meats on and the temp should level off around 270ish if I have my vents set right.

Happy Labor Day y'all!
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DS, looks yummy, both the tri tip and the wine!

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Just cleaned up and are a few little sliders with horseradish and coleslaw!

After a 30 minute rest.

My girl likes it done a little more so I took it to 150 so she could enjoy the ends.

Sliced up for tomorrow's picnic.

Two test sliders with horseradish and coleslaw to make sure it was ok. Brilliant!
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Man, making my mouth water.  I've still got some vacuum sealed tri tip in the fridge.  Might have to cut off a piece just to share in the goodness.  Thanks for posting!

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