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smoke roast question - what should I buy?

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I have smoked plenty of pork, ribs, chicken, etc.

I had some smoked prime rib at Hill Country in NY yesterday for lunch and would like to smoke a roast this weekend.  However, after pricing out a standing rib roast - I decided to try something a little cheaper.  I know there are top round, bottom round, etc etc.  What could you recommend to me - I want to be able to slice the roast not pull it..



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Save your money until they have a sale----Then Try This:


Meanwhile I would make some Burgers, because any reasonably priced Beef is a little tough for slicing, unless you slice it paper thin.
You could do a Chucky, and only take it to 190* IT for slicing, instead of taking it to 205* IT for pulling. That would be tender & tasty.
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How about a brisket? They are always good and tender.

Happy smoken.


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Many folks like to smoke chuck roasts or a"chuckie"
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Hello , Scottv .  Glad you joined us .


As for Roast , whatever you get will cook . Watch the temp. you want to cook at and track your IMT/IT (internal meat temp. )  . Cook to the doneness you want ,165*F is Med.


Have fun and send Q-view of your cook , we like to drool :ROTF.

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If you are wanting thicker slices like 1inch or more, PR really is the best way to go.   If you don't mind thinner slices, say about 1/8th to 1/4 inch, get a top round roast, smoke at 225 or less and take it to 130 - 135.   You'll end up with a nice roast beef like ones you see at carving stations on buffets.      You can actually use any cut of beef round, but they vary in tenderness to a small degree.


To assist in making it more tender, be absolutely sure that you slice the meat across the grain.

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I ended up get a 4.5 sirloin steak from the butcher - only about 3/4 LB left for tomorrow.  Was pretty good but still pricey!


pulled at 130F.. I would use less smoke next time - 2 chunks of hickory is too much


finished product


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good lord man that is gorgeous!!! gotta get me a smoker built soon.

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