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Brisket WSM

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I bought a 18 1/2" WSM after my masterbuilt died, and now I,m wondering how to smoke a whole brisket, should I just cut it in half or separate the flat from the point, or if someone has other thoughts on what to do ?
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I'm doing one today in my ECB with electric mod. I separated the point from the flat and I'm cooking the flat today and froze the point for another day. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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I place the ends of the brisket against the handles on the upper rack, the brisket will bow up slightly. On a WSM there is a narrow zone of high heat around the edges. To prevent burning I use small pieces of aluminum foil to shield the ends, a loose fit is all that is needed. As the meat cooks it will shrink and eventually lay flat.

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Thank's guys for your helpful ideas. yahoo.gif
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I have stood them on their side and tied into a donut shape on small grills before. The same with ribs.

Happy smoken.



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Thanks David for your help.
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