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Originally Posted by PadronMan View Post

Was wondering where you were Bear! Thought you weren't fond of my big fat butt. ;-)


I just can't keep up any more. I'm sure I miss a lot of them.:th_crybaby2:


I hate like Heck to miss Great posts like this one, so I was really glad I just caught it.


Better late than never!!




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Love the look of your butts :laugh1: 


Scott, What is Chef JJ's finishing sauce? That sounds good. I've got to make three butts for a family reunion and a house warming. They are on different days, but I would like to make them all at once and reheat when needed. However, I don't want the meat to dry out when it is reheated.

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Here she is courtesy of Chef JJ


I have pulled the pork and reheated using this finishing sauce in the oven.....turned out great.



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