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New to smoking.

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Hello from Pennsylvania. I bought a MasterBuilt Sportsman Elite because we were catching flatheads on the river and I wanted to try smoking them. They turned out great for my first smoking session of anything. I found this forum looking for information on my first pork shoulder that I currently have smoking now. Great place to find.
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Welcome Horse!!


Would we be talking about the Delaware River??  My Old Hangout ???




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Susquehanna River. We have some good sized Flatheads up here. 42" 34 pounds is the biggest so far.
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Welcome Horse!


This is an awesome smoking forum for any animal you can think of!  I'm especially fond of Bearcarver's step by step instructions.  He selflessly gives, as so many of this forum does, of his own experience and successes.  There are more ideas and experience here than anywhere I've found, you're gonna love it.


Just be sure to share your own delicious success with everybody so we can all benefit from your creativity and success!


Good luck!

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I will certainly share anything I can. Looking forward to finding "new" stuff. Plain ole' grilling is old. Gonna try smoked burgers for sure.
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Hello and welcome from East Texas


Gary S

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