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Crack of dawn pork butt mission

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9lb butt ready to go. Rubbed, injected and awaiting smoke. Gonna start at about 3 or 4 am.

Weber 18.5 ready to go.

Some hickory and a few chunks of mesquite awaiting hot Kingsford coals. The anticipation is high
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Good luck sleeping tonight.



I will be watching.   :beercheer:

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They look like some mighty big chunks.

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Yeah that pic is deceiving it's only about an 8 inch bucket they are maybe a hard ball size at best. I was just checking another thread and his 9lb took 24 hours to hit just under 200 maybe I should start now ?
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Nah, my last butt only took 10 hours.


Heres my thread.


What cooking temp you going for?

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Gonna try for 250 ish and see if I can maintain that.
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I've read higher and lower so I'm gonna go in the middle.
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That will work. I would go higher.
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I'm running with the 3 bottom vents at 1/3 open & top vent all the way open and it's holding at 230 for the last hour and fifteen. The IT is rising steady. Started at 40 and is now at 72 in 1.5 hours.
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Ready to go, hope she turns out. I'm going low and slow for this run.
Smokin' !
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Bon Chance., I'll check in tomorrow.

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Well she held at 250 all night long like a champ now the butt is at an IT of 173 and it's been about 8 hours give or take. Amazed at how solid the WSM held the temp with no maintenence. Just need to wait out this stall and get that butt up another 20-25 degrees. I'm concerned I'll have to add coals but there seems to be a good amount left I may get lucky as the outside temp rises it's 8 am and about 68 right now. I must say I am very fidgety and I'm proud to say I never opened the lid to look at it yet. It's gonna be like a birthday present when I look at it for the first time. I'll be sure to show the pic. Waiting...waiting...waiting...
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11:20 now almost 12 hours and IT is at 185 any time now and I'll wrap it and let it rest for an hour or so. I can't wait to look at it.
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The butt (9+ pounds) I cooked yesterday in my Mini was done right around 13 hours. But I also was running the smoker at 270 for the entire smoke. Didn't peak until hour 8, had to stick the therm probe in. Gonna go pull the meat shortly!
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I finally got to take first peak looks and smells great to me.

Finished product was a huge hit! Thanks for the information from everyone. SMF is great!
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Looks great!
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Great looking piece of pork bud. Nice bark too!

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Thanks Knifebld and dirtsailor2003 the over night smoke was my first smoke ever I see how everyone gets addicted to doing this. I barley slept and couldn't stop checking in on it. Now I have a good idea how the smoker will perform so I'll get more sleep next time.
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