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Rub wipes off

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So I smoked a brisket in my mes.  Problem I had was the rub will wipe off the meat like it didn't cook it on it at all.  I set the smoker to 225 degrees and the meat got up to 195 degrees internal temperature.  Should I've set the temp lower?

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Interesting.  Not a temp thing.  What base did you put down on the meat before you added the rub, and what rub did you use?   

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When I put a rub on a brisket I never even use a base.  The beef seems to allow the rub to cling really well (I just use salt and pepper).  Are you moving the brisket around a lot on the grate?  Are you mopping the brisket a lot early on before the rub turns to bark? 

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Are you using water in the water pan to add moisture to the smoker...... try smoking without water......
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