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Brisket Qview

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This is my second brisket. 13lbs.
Been on the smoker for about 3 hrs.
Trimmed and put my own rub on it.
Smoking around 250.

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Settling in for a long night with some PBR
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Where the rest of the Q-View????   Progress pics and such :icon_lol:

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Done after 19hrs.

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Now it is resting. Just pulled it off. Then I'll slice it up and post
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Originally Posted by JamesDouglas View Post

Done after 19hrs.

19 hours????? Holy Crap!!!  Ive never had one go that long.  Oh well that's what Que is all about.....the meat dictates the time LOL



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I could have pulled it earlier. When the point was at 170 the flat was still at 160. So I left it on probably 2 hrs too long.
The point was nice and tender.
The flat was a little too tough, but not much.
Live and learn. Still tasted darn good.

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Well it looks good.  Can see the juice in that picture mmmmmmmmm


What Internal Temp did you pull it at?



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When the flat was up to 170. The point was near 180.
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Ahhh ok.  On brisket if you want that FALL apart tenderness you get a BBQ joints then you want to take that thing to 200-205.  I usually pull mine at around 198 and let rest in foil for an hour. 



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