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New to the Forum

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Been lurking for a while.  Used the "Smoking Meats" to research some things and receive update emails on recipes and such.  Purchased a Kamado style cooker a few month ago.  Still playing around with it.  So far it has surpassed my expectations for everything from smoking a pork shoulder to beer can chicken.  Food is an adventure.  Love watching the "Bizarre Food".  Great ideas come from that show.


While most people would settle for pan-fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and canned corn.  I transform that into cherry-wood smoked pork, roasted seasonal corn and bacon-garlic smashed new potatoes.  Now to me that is living.  

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Welcome to SMF you will find any info you need just ask someone will be able to answer


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Sounds good, welcome to the forum


Gary S

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