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MES 40 Help

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My MES 40 will not get to 275.... it'll get to about 260 then stall out and drop a few degrees then come back to 260. I know its only 15 degrees but I'd like my equipment to work right. BTW this is in warm weather with absolutely no wind. Element issue? Or maybe wiring? Any help is appreciated. I received the smoke new about 9 months ago
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What are you monitoring the temp with? If a proven accurate therm reads low, it is most likely the controler. If you are going by the MES readout you may not have an issue...JJ

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Im going by the unit itself but its constant toy heating it wont reach temp so I cant imagine I dont have an issue
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What I mean by " No Issue " is the Therm that monitors heat can be several degrees off. Check with a known and tested good thermometer. The setpoint temp and actual temp in my MES is 15° off, mine runs hotter than set point...JJ

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